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About us

SLADKIY ORESHEK, founded in 2000, is among the most successful and fast-growing companies on the Russian confectionery market. Our factory, located in an ecologically clean area of Moscow Region, uses modern European equipment supplied by leading manufacturers and meeting the most stringent international standards.

SLADKIY ORESHEK ranks among the top 10 confectionery factories in Russia*. Only the best Russian and foreign raw materials are used in production.

The SLADKIY ORESHEK confectionery range includes over 40 types of product, known and loved by customers across Russia and in more than 20 other countries.

SLADKIY ORESHEK is a reliable partner that guarantees high quality of its products.

Ņareful selection of suppliers, state-of-the-art equipment, the latest production technologies, active marketing support, competitive prices and stable financial position make SLADKIY ORESHEK a valued and prestigious partner for the distributors and retailers, who work with us.



We strive to preserve family values, bringing you unique moments of happiness with our lovingly created products.



  • DEVELOPMENT: We are committed to the prosperity of our business and professional growth of the people who work for us.
    Our staff are experts in their field, who are passionate about their work and keen to acquire new skills.
    Our team creates quality products, generates competitive advantages and takes our business forward.
  • SPEED: We are flexible and adapt quickly to change.
    We respond rapidly to new market needs and to external challenges.
    Our managers have the ability to prioritize and make quick decisions when necessary.
  • RESULTS: Our achievements are the fruit of teamwork by all of our employees.
    Everything we do is focused on the final result.
    Every employee understands that the future of our company depends on his or her performance at work, and takes care to make that performance as good as it can be.
    We hire staff who are ambitious for themselves and for the company, and who can rise to challenges.
  • HONESTY: We are truthful and embrace our commitments.
    Relationships with our partners and colleagues are built on the principles of trust and commitment to working together for mutual benefit.
    Our staff openly discuss all aspects of the business.
  • RESPECT: We nurture a culture based on loyalty to corporate traditions, recognition of the merits of every employee, and respect for colleagues and partners.
    Our staff respect the company, the decisions of shareholders and managers, and the requests of their work colleagues, regardless of status.
    We are proud of the friendly atmosphere in our workplace. Our staff are tactful, considerate and pay due attention to business ethics in their communication with partners and with colleagues.

*Data from ĀŅNielsen (first half year of 2017).



Factory: Melechkino Village, building 123, Solnechnogorsky District, Moscow Region, 141554
Tel.: +7 (495) 228-01-42